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Lease IT Own IT Program

Features and Benefits of our Lease IT Own IT Program

  • FLEXIBLE TERMS ? Using our unique Leasing Program instead of a loan allows to renew your lease payment by payment. If you cannot make your payment simply return the car and you are not obligated for any future payments*. Under a loan agreement, you are responsible for the entire loan balance and must make all the agreed upon payments. *(Vehicle must be in the same condition upon return as it was at the time of sale.)
  • NO CREDIT CHECK ? There is no credit check and your car payment history is not reported to the Credit Bureau. One of the qualifications is that the lease payment is based on your gross monthly payment. Your car payment can not be more than 15% of your gross monthly pay. (Example: $2000 mo. income X 15% = $300 maximum car payment)
  • YOU HAVE OPTIONS AT THE END OF EACH RENEWABLE TERM ? Unlike a conventional lease, you do not have to return the car at the end of the lease term. You have three options after the maximum number of renewals: You may purchase the car for the residual value, trade in car or return car. 
  • A RENEWABLE PERIOD LEASE ? The lease term is renewed payment to payment up to a maximum of 2 years. 
  • LOWER DOWN PAYMENTS ? With a lease program, you pay the sales tax with each periodic payment as you use the vehicle. Your down payment is lower since you do not pay the sales tax up front.
  • NO SALES TAX UP FRONT! ? Sales tax is paid with each periodic payment as you use the vehicle.
  • EARLY BUY OUT OPTION - You may buy out the lease at any time for the balance due on your account.
  • MECHANIC'S INSPECTION ? All cars go through an inspection by third party professional mechanics.
  • NO LOAN FEES, NO DOC FEES! ? You only pay for leasing service and processing.
  • FREE OIL CHANGES ? Lease customers will receive free oil changes during the lease term.


  1. You must have a valid Ohio driver's license. (NO TEMP PERMITS OR DRIVING PRIVILEGES ACCEPTED)
  2. You must have continuous employment for at least 2 years. (6 MONTHS ON CURRENT JOB no more than 2 jobs within 1 year, SELF EMPLOYED OR 1099 INCOME OR TEMP AGENCY DOES NOT QUALIFY)
  3. MINIMUM INCOME REQUIREMENT IS $15/HR & WORKING 40 HRS/WEEK.  You will need your last 2 pay stubs from your employer. Your payment can not be more than 15% of your gross mo. income. (Example, gross mo. income is $2400 X 15% = $360 is your max payment OR ABOUT $170 EVERY 2 WEEKS, ALL PAYMENTS ARE BI WEEKLY)
  4. You must have local residency for 2 years, not more than 2 locations.
  5. You will need a utility bill (Electric) in your name at your current address.
  6. You will need full coverage insurance on the vehicle. (MAX DEDUCTIBLES $500)
  7. You will need 6 local references and no more than 3 of those can be relatives.