Lease It Own It Program

Features and Benefits of our Lease-2-Own Program

$500 Down - Drive Today


  1. You must have a valid Ohio driver's license.
  2. You must have continuous employment for at least 2 years. (no more than 2 jobs within 1 year, temp agency DOES NOT qualify)
  3. You will need your last 2 pay stubs from your employer. Your maximum payment can not be more than 15% of your gross monthly income. (Example, gross monthly income is $2000 X 15% = $300 is your max payment)
  4. You must have local residency for 2 years, not more than 2 locations.
  5. You will need a utility bill (Electric) in your name at your current address.
  6. You will need insurance on the vehicle. 
  7. You will need 6 local references and no more than 3 of those can be relatives.